What to do with a Daquin for transparent film cutting

Hi everyone!
I picked up a Daquin laser machine with a 40w laser.
I can’t figure out which card it’s on because they purposely deleted the name, I’m attaching photos in case it’s recognisable.
I can’t figure out where to connect the ground wire coming out of the structure.

And, at this point I ask, it is better to change the card and try to customize everything.
Can you recommend me a guide?

What ground wire and what structure are you referring to?
Is something not working?

this red thread coming out, translated from Chinese, means PE.
But actually, both the machine and the laser are attached to the PE of the socket.
If I turn on it goes to HOME, the power supply has the LED on, but if I press Test nothing happens, the additional air and water outlets work perfectly.

That terminal (PE) is probably connected to the frame and the safety ground pin on the main socket. Check with a meter.

If you have a good earth ground in your house wiring this wire is unnecessary if not connect it to a good earth ground.

I doubt this unconnected wire is causing any functional problems.

I am not familiar with this machine.

  • Please post pictures of the control panel.
  • Are there any markings on the laser power supply?

What is the history of this machine, did it work previously?

I actually don’t know if I have a good ground connection. for security I add it.
There is no actual control panel, it just has an ON/OFF button and a USB socket. As far as I know, the laser had been in working order and had been standing still for a couple of years now. I’m attaching the manufacturer’s link if it helps.

what TEST are you referring to? A function in the software?

Can you provide model information on the laser power supply?

There’s a button on the machine called Test from Chinese. I think it’s for testing the laser focus. not software…
The laser power is 20w CO2 and the Laser power supply 40W. Model( VEVOR CO2 Laser Power Supply)

Can you post a picture of that “test” button?

This laser light is invisible and can blind you!
Before proceeding wear the proper eye protection…

On the LPS there should be a red button.

With power on push that button. The laser should fire.

I also tried with that button and nothing happens… :frowning:

Do you have a DVM.
Are you comfortable using it?

yes! up to that no problem… and I hadn’t even thought about it. I start testing the outputs. but what about the laser? what do you suggest me?

With power on, what does the voltage on the “IN” pin read relative to the ground?
Post a picture of the meters face when you take the reading.

Sorry for the delay but I was very busy at work…

The voltage on IN is 5V which is the full power setting.
With the IN set at 5VDC when you push the test button on the supply it should fire.
Looks like a bad LPS.

OK thank you! i try to replace it