What software do you use to design your parts/models?

What software do you use to design your parts/models?

I’m currently in the process of learning my way around SolidWorks. This is just to get a feel of what people are using and why.

Opens cad is popular. Tinker cad is easy for kids. Sketch up is also popular. For pro cad software alibre and autodesk’s 123d.

Mostly open scad. Some in sketchup.

Mostly Blender. Some OpenScad

OpenSCAD and Creo elements

Mostly OpenSCAD, some OpenSCAD :stuck_out_tongue:

A bit Tinkercad, but mostly SketchUp

I have been toying with the idea of purchasing alibre pe. Just don’t know if it’s worth buying. Considering the effort to learn one of these programs I want to make the best choice I can…

OpenSCAD, sometimes FreeCAD for constrained sketching like in Solidworks.


Solidworks student design kit. I only have that licensed for maybe two more years, so i’ll have to look for another tool then.

Alibre Design, affordable ($199) parametric CAD for hobbyists

Solidworks, because I have access through work, and three free OSS tools are too painful, relatively speaking. If I didn’t have so Solidworks, I’d probably buy Alibre.

I’m using SolidWorks for many years now for my designs with great pleasure. Since a short period also for my designs for use with my 3D Touch.

@Craig_Blanchette I would recommend it. It is the only affordable parametric CAD out there. The interface is similar enough between the various CAD packages now that there won’t be much of a learning curve (between Solidworks, Catia, NX etc).

OpenSCAD for me.

Mostly SketchUp (editing STLs… new concepts…), some OpenSCAD (new models from scratch)

+Karan 123d isn’t for profs, no support of components anymore, wrong measures in STL, hard to learn quicky-clicki-videos without good tutorial
+Craig I don’t know how stripped down it is (if it is still parametric CAD), but the $50 cubify invent is like alibre
+* What do you think about the (yet) free inventor fusion? Technically and politically?

Another vote for #Sketchup. For those OpenSCAD users, have you checked out http://shapesmith.net/ ? 3D modeling in your browser. It’s as if OpenSCAD and Sketchup had a baby.