What slicer software are you using?

Intresting, you could make a negative of the material you would like to cut, and slice it that way, but i don’t know how it will work for you…

@Jim_McIntosh Slicers calculate G-code for additive process, AFAIK they don’t support subtractive…

might want to look into 123D Make. It breakes things down into layers to be cut out of cardboard. I dont know if you can manipulate the thickness or not.

I had that issue with slic3r as well and tried reducing the extrusion factor to get the thin walled test object to the .5 that the gcode showed but could not get the actual size to match. In the end I used the advanced setting and overrode the width to .56 and now my holes/internal sizes are now correct

I use Cura and most recently Slic3r with Repetier (which offers plenty more most useful options than Cura). I used to use Skeinforge too, but only short after I found Cura.
Kissslicer wouldn’t work the last time I tried :frowning: