What should I look for in an air assist pump?

I have a number of different pumps and tank, from a large shop compressor to a desk top air brush, but I’m not certain if any of them are suitable for use as air assist pumps on a hobbyist laser cutter.

What should I be looking for in terms of specification, and is there anything that I should avoid?

I’d rather something that I already have rather than buying something new.

This post shows the pump I use.
You can use its specs as a reference.

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At my hackspace, we just added a second regulator to our main compressor. We keep that at around 200 kPa, and we have an additional regulator on the laser cutter itself if someone wants reduced pressure.

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It’s helpful to advise us of the type/size of laser…

I used the one that came with my China Blue 50W, but it was pretty sorry.

I when I went with a large air compressor and use about 60lbs when I cut. Much easier and cleaner with the higher pressure, volume.

If you have a large compressor, use it… the main use is to keep debris off the lens.


Sorry, Ortur Laser Master 3.