What not to do... Fresh built OX.

What not to do…
Fresh built OX. Hmm how to break it in? How about a 14000+ point halftone.

Yeah. Let’s see what we forgot to tighten up while building… :slight_smile:

And so… proving why putting a 100+ piece puzzle together and running a crazy long job right out of the hole is a bad idea. Didn’t tighten the X pulley enough.
Ha. Time to start over.

It happens to the best !!!

Started it over, will run over later this evening and check it out. Hope that was all I forgot. Did build it in 4 hours… :slight_smile:

Ouch. :slight_smile: What hold downs do you use for your spoil board?

For some reason when I finish a machine I do the same thing, usually I am building a machine for a purpose. I have a feeling the first program my massive belt plasma ox is going to be cutting out parts for a steel plate bumper all at once…

No guarantee it will work, I mean I will jog it around a bit and think good enough let’s get this this cut steel… You @Brandon_Satterfield have probably put together at least 50+ machines. I’m at about 10


Nailed it… well almost. The program skipped some lines but did t hurt my feelings much. https://plus.google.com/photos/111137178782983474427/albums/6550235084228840657/6550235084540382050

Brandon, what program do you use for halftoning?

@Ruwan_Janapriya Our new controller has a rPi in it. The rPI runs bCNC. The program is built into bCNC. Direct the program to an image, make a few small selections, hit go. Really looking forward to playing with the next program on it but will have to wait a bit.

It really just so much fun to play on the OX. I don’t get to use the machines much, takes me back to where it all started.