What kinds of extrusion rates do you get

Hi all-

I am trying to figure out why I am not getting descent extrusion rates-I seem to max out at 5mm^3/sec which translates to ~40mm/sec for 0.2mm layers at 0.4mm widths. This is actually slower than I can get with my i3 clone and rather frustrating.

What kind of speeds/feeds do you get good printing results at? I am not looking for Ferrari speeds, but I was hoping for better results that my i3.

I upgraded to 32bit controller and a 24V hotend already, and upgraded my extruder to a QR.

I’m stumped and hope someone can shed some light on their experiences.

Any chance you would be willing to try a prusa slicer profile if I made one, just to confirm your issues are not kiss slicer related.

That is a good idea- I will slice a couple of object in Slic3r and try that.
I am also looking at Oliver’s Duet config to compare to mine. I will start a new thread