What kind of "ends" are these on this SHT30 sensor, and, are they meant to work with a plug-and-play connector?

Hey guys. I picked up a few of these:

They work great, but right now I snipped the ends off and soldered it onto a prototype board for the Raspberry Pi. I’d like to get some PCBs made, and am trying to create a situation where this cable is on a male connector, that’s mated to a female connector on the device.

What would you recommend? Idea is to let the user click the cable in and out of the main device.

Thank you!

Those looks like ferules for screw mounting. What am I missing?

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I’d never seen things like those before. Here’s a better pic.

Was wondering if there might be a quick solve to get it onto a user-friendly connector.

I think those are just crimped ferules for screw mounting.

I was wondering whether the other end is internally a DIN / “Aviation” connector though. The shell looks familiar. Something like this:

But I don’t think there’s any shell that would just hold those ends that you are showing.

Those are PIN terminals (or sometimes called ferrule terminal) used with screw terminals.

Actually they are a convenient way to connect wires to a PCB.

I use a pc board mounted screw terminal and crimp the pin terminals to the mating wires.

You can get pluggable pcb versions: https://amzn.to/3ehSvP9
PCB direct mount: https://amzn.to/3iPZVMS


Note that the pluggable version that don linked is also referred to as a “Phoenix” type connector. That should help your search. There is also Molex options to choose from in just about every format imaginable.

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Thanks so much guys - the euro-style Phoenix connectors look great. Have ordered some for the prototyping aspect.


I was secretly hopeful there’d be some magical means to connect them to something like a GX12 4-pin for the finished product, those aviation-style connectors give a nicer “finish” to the product.

Conversely, to your credit, the screw connectors avoid all that snipping and soldering…