What kind of dawn dish soap do you use in your water cooling?

(Sean Cherven) #1

What kind of dawn dish soap do you use in your water cooling?
There’s like 20 different types of dawn dish soap lol.

(Ned Hill) #2

Personally I don’t think you need dish soap. Once you clear the bubbles initially from the tube they don’t typically don’t reform. If you are adding the tetra algicide it will also act as a surfactant. We typically recommend limiting how much additives you add to the cooling water to limit the conductivity of water, which can cause problems.

(Sean Cherven) #3

How much of the tetra algicide should I add per gallon?

(Ned Hill) #4

About a cap full per 5 gallons is what I use.

(Sean Cherven) #5

I read elsewhere to use 1-2 drops per gallon.
So should I use a entire cap full or 1-2 drops per gallon?

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #6


I tried dish detergent and it did not help my bubble problem.

(Tom Traband) #7

I’m using 7 drops in 3 gallons.

(Sean Cherven) #8

@Tom_Traband 7 drops of dish detergent or tetra algicide?

(James Rivera) #9

Wow, I would definitely stay away from soap! Bubbles are no good. Just use distilled water and some algaecide. Why do you need anything else?

(Sean Cherven) #10

@James_Rivera idk, I just read a lot about people using dawn dish soap, so I was just trying to figure it out.

(Tom Traband) #11

@Sean_Cherven algicide. No soap.

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #12

@James_Rivera some claim that dawn reduces bubbles (reduces surface friction) and clears them without up ending your machine. I tried it and it did nothing for my bubbles.