What is this? A water temperature probe?

If I trace the two cables correctly, then they are connected to the two top green cables going into the power supply (WP, G):

I carefully measured the voltage between the green cables with the machine turned on, but it was zero.

that should be a water flow meter. It prevents the laser from firing when there is no flow of water through the laser so you don’t fry your tube(assuming it is working correctly).

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How is it connected? Is the pinout of the power supply documented somewhere?

Or maybe it just senses presence of water? The water flow sensors I find on the web are generally much bigger.

Pretty sure it’s your coolant water flow switch.

It has a sensor that triggers when water flows through. On the power supply “P” is the protection circuit that has to be connected to “G” to allow the laser to fire.

Thanks! Maybe I’ll have a peek inside. I am thinking about putting a temperature probe next to it, coming in via a T-connector.

Update: One of the guys who set up the original machine confirmed that it is a flow sensor.