What is the exact call Cloud9 is executing to get the auto-generated-*.html.

What is the exact call Cloud9 is executing to get the auto-generated-*.html.
Is it calling nodejs with runme.js, how? Can this be also done locally?

When using Cloud9 you need to run runme.js. That is simply a node web server. When you load the homepage of the runme.js node web server it auto generates the auto-generated-widget.html file by splicing together widget.html, widget.css, and widget.js because all ChiliPeppr widgets are a combo of HTML/CSS/Javascript.

When we were using JSFiddle all of this was done automatically for you. Now that we’re in Cloud9 we’re stuck doing it on our own, thus the extra pain the butt layer of the runme.js node web server.

If you want to run runme.js locally go for it. If you want to host your widget on your own web servers go for it. You don’t have to use Cloud9, or Github, or JSFiddle. All ChiliPeppr expects when it does a chilipeppr.load() is that you give it a URL to content that is inlined HTML/CSS/Javascript and that the Javascript uses the cpdefine() standard you see in all ChiliPeppr widgets.

Hi John,
I would only like to evaluate if I could develop locally. I guess I am much more comfortable with my local vim setup, and writing commit messages on my own. I am gonna go on to try with running local nodejs.

Go for it. You should be able to develop locally. You also don’t need runme.js. Just make sure your final ChiliPeppr widget is in the correct format like the auto-generated-*.html file.

@Werner_Drasch I’m developing widgets and a workspace on my own Ubuntu VM with my favorite editor. The biggest change I made was inserting my own loader into workspace.js so it would grab widgets off my local webserver. See load() and loadLocal() at https://github.com/tbfleming/workspace-prismatic/blob/356c483a9b3fc43bc7d661dbba29f2a8822c9cab/workspace.js#L113