What is the best way to stop and end a job while running.

What is the best way to stop and end a job while running.

I can stop a job using the feedhold but that does not end it.

I press the stop button in the Gcode window and the button goes light but the operation does not stop.

Currently I hit reset button that is annoying because I have to re-setup all the zero’s.

In Tinyg WS you just need to press th wipe next to feedhold button, not sure if that’s the case with Grbl!

Mmm, I don’t see a Whipe in my TinygWS …

After you press Feedhold the text will change to “Resume ~” and the button on its right will change to “Wipe %”.
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@ameen.nihad thanks, I thought I tried that but will pay more attention next job.

@donkjr Albiet I have to do more careful testing. If I click “feedhold” and then “Whipe%” I think the machine looses its mind. I tried this and then clicked “Machine Zero” and it stress tested the gantry when it crashed into the surface ( I think it lost its zero settings). Also the “gcode” widget would not allow me to restart.

I want to stop the current job and totally restart it.
Are we saying to “abort”, where abort means to stop the job with all settings in tack, I press “feedhold” and then “whipe %”. Should I then be able to click the “play” button on the Gcode widget to restart the job from the start?