What is the best ratio for a rotory axis?

What is the best ratio for a rotory axis? (K40 laser)
Researching the A axis specs and plan to build my own as I have a spare nema 17 stepper. Either I can’t find any info or I’m looking in the wrong places…
I was planning for a 5:1, planning to engrave small 1/2" Dia or less most of the time but would need to do up to 100mm Dia.
Any thoughts or advise on what LW control parameters are planning to work with as well would be appreciated please?
Running C3D and windows 10/64
(Plan to use nema 17 motors, already tested and run ok via z axis on LW)

You don’t need much torque and higher ratio gives better resolution if you plan to laser larger diameter objects.

I used a 11:1 planetary gear head for my initial rotary testing. High torque since it was from metal cutting mill. Overkill so I will be building a smaller one with 3:1 2mm gt2 pulleys. Leftover pulleys from a older project that I already have on hand.

@Jim_Fong thanks. I have a 12t and a 60t gear with 9mm GT2 belt. So just need to look at bearings and chucking first. But was hoping they would do rather than buy new gears.

Beware that k40 has barely depth to house the rotary. I learnt hard way

@Jorge_Robles thanks. A standard CNC ready built one looks too big. My plan is to build my own, cut the bottom out of the case so I am hoping to have a little more with the unit lifted of the worktop it’s sitting on.

Yes. I planned cutting the bottom, but is a mess :slight_smile:

@Jorge_Robles :slight_smile: know where you are coming from. Did that with the exhaust which was a good was to understand the finer arts of cutting the thin steel case. That seems like it’s 1" thick when you are doing it

Will have to disassemble the gantry… And raise hell