What is the best printer to buy for personal use Or small businesses?

What is the best printer to buy for personal use Or small businesses?

Kit or ready to Run?

And what do you plan on doing with it? Build area requirements? This question gets asked a lot, the best way for us to help is for you to explain what you need out of it, why you want it, who is going to be using it, what technical expertise you may have (if any), price range you’re willing to drop, etc.

Im looking to print statue busts and other decor ranging to 1ft in height. I am unsure if a kit or ready to run printer would benefit me most at this stage. I need to print in durable materials also.

1ft in height narrows the field quite a bit. Currently only the Rostock can reach that, I think. These guys are nice and not too far from you. You can build one or buy one. http://shop.seemecnc.com/ You can make it as durable as you like, what I mean by that is you choose in software how structural the piece is. From hollow to solid and any percentage in between. Including how thick the walls are printed. Welcome to the future, man!

I really appreciate the introduction to the community. What are the companies that I should be aware of in this new industry?

You should also get your print time expectations set. A 1 foot tall print time will be measured in days not hours. That’s not including the likelyhood of requiring multiple attempts to get a successful print that large.

Good to know

Yeah the only prints I have seen that are not in days are hollow ones on something like @Ultimaker Plus mod a few have done. Same frame, just taller. I just don’t have enough patience. I have to admit I am working on an idea for a large Rostock for the Science Center I work at. Just too fascinating to watch!

We’ve built a 12" tall Bukobot for a customer. It’s really easy to extend the height of a Bukobot.

My personal machine goes up to 260mm (about 10"), and I printed Akiko at that height, and it only took about 6-8 hours (not sure of the exact figure because I went to sleep).