What is recommended hotend/bed temperatures for printing Makerbot ABS?

What is recommended hotend/bed temperatures for printing Makerbot ABS? The default settings of 230C for extruder and 110C for bed gets me warping. I levelled the bed before the print, and I’m printing on kapton tape. Do I need to coat the bed with something, or do I just need to change print settings?

Abs slurry works well but there are other adhesives that really do well. If you can coat it with pei that will give you the best adhesive properties. 230 seems a little low on the extruder but if it works it works.

I never used makerbot ABS. The ABS I have used I print 230 to 245 depending on color / manufacturer. I use Elmer’s max glue stick and it works well. I have used ABS slurry also with good results. If your printer is not enclosed then ABS will warp unless they are small. Large prints will require a heated build enclosure to prevent warping. If you don’t have an enclosure covering your printer with a towel or even a contractors garbage bag will help with warping. I find that if I try to print a box bigger than about 100mm x 100mm the box will warp and delaminate even if when covered. When I print larger objects I turn a space heater on and point it directly at the covered printer and this also helps.

Infill % affects large prints as well - I’ve had parts print great with 10% infill and peel completely off of the bed when infill was set to 50% or more.

Thanks for the tips, guys. I should have also probably noted that this printer does indeed have a build enclosure.

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@Nathan_Walkner Can I apply the glue stick to the kapton tape and still be fine?

@Nathan_Walkner thanks! I’ll try this out next week.