What is people using here for gcode from 3d objects?

What is people using here for gcode from 3d objects?


oops sorry, free and possibly Linux compatible

Fusion 360 is free and is so amazing you should go get a Windows or Mac just to run it. Will change your life.

I have Windows no problem… ok I ll give it a try I see it is free for personal use, thanks.

Seconded. It’s an amazing package! Autodesk is smart to make it available like this (drives up acceptance), but I really appreciate their courage in trying it!

I hope some day the do something similar with ArtCAM Pro and the specialty programs like the Jeweler version that makes rotational designs very easy to create and scale. Fusion 360 is really amazing and it has a Tinyg post processor that worked for me. I did a really nice slice of a 3d texture pattern using it but some things are a lot easier in ArtCAM. Reliefs are a bitch without some really good tools that address the problems with just flattening an image in z. It is an art form where a good artist is still needed for things like the Canadian coins.