What inductive sensors is everyone using?

What inductive sensors is everyone using? comment below with links please! :smiley:

i am most likely switching from the bltouch as its repeatability is not as advertised after 3 different units. the best repeatability with a bltouch has been 0.04 which …is unacceptable.

it is when the machine its going on is a herculien hehehehehe.

@Jim_Stone we can get something modeled up. To be honest HercuLien carriage is due for a refresh anyway.

well as long as whatever probe its remodeled to take is easily accessable. ie amazon :stuck_out_tongue:

also @Eclsnowman i noticed you use an inductive as well. a tube screw type.

Is there any difference between the blue and the green version of the SN-04?

@Eirikur_Sigbjornsson Im not sure if there is. however reviews from each steer me off about their actual trigger distance that people are getting.

Not inductive, but I’m going to test this guy’s idea out once my printer is operational…

I’m thinking I can use conductive paint if I’m printing on glass, or just touch the aluminum build plate.