What I learnt this week: 1.

What I learnt this week:

  1. Thread lock / super glue grub screws for pulleys and extruder.
  2. Lubricate Z screws regularly.
  3. Calibrate E steps/mm properly.

What did you learn this week?

Edit: Don’t use super glue. See below.

Why are you super-gluing the grubscrews? That sounds like a pretty bad idea to me. I mean, what’s the point of a screw if you can’t unscrew it?

You can unscrew them, like thread lock it stops the screws working loose from vibration but if you supply any torque to the fastener it will come loose.

I have been having problems with my extruder, i thought it was the filament jamming and that the steps/mm were out. it turned out to be the grub screw working loose.

Note: I use thread lock as i have it anyway but others might only have super glue which is a suitable replacement, if used in moderation.

It’s very hard to use superglue in moderation, especially with the tiny m3 grubs. The 1.5mm hex head strips much faster than you’d imagine - even the tiniest drop of superglue will secure the thread beyond the head’s capabilities.
Use blue (light) thread lock.

On a related note, green (super strong) thread lock, which is still weaker than superglue, secures many cap head screws to a point where the head doesn’t strip, but the hex key twists and bends. How do I know? Please don’t ask…