What have I done?! Took an hour and a half to unbox it in

What have I done?!
Took an hour and a half to unbox it in the back lane behind the house as I wouldnt go through the gate, then upstairs to the “office”. Some hastily moved junk from the desk as I was bigger than I was told.
Cat in the picture for scale…
If I ever move house its staying where it is.

Which one is that?

Its a 50W ebay machine.
The article says “350B 50W CO2 Laser” but its the same non-branded Chinese type Laser.
I had to wait in for delivery, then go to work when it didnt show up, then come back home for delivery again, now back at work so I cant even play.
I dont finish until 10pm so I’ll have to be tomorrow now.

How accurate this is I dont know… and im a bit worried now I didnt notice any pump/compressor or “extras” bag… :frowning:
I did find the Rotary Attachment though.

Technical Parameters

Laser power

Laser type
Hermetic CO2 glass tube

Power supply
AC110±10% 60HZ

Working area
300mm X 500mm

Max moving speed

Locating precision

Min shaping character
Character: 2x2mm, Letter: 1x1mm

Operating temperature

Resolution ratio

Control configuration

Data transfer interface


DC-G350D –up&down table

System environment

Cooling way
Water Cooling and protection system

Graphic Format Supported
The Files which CorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD can

Compatible software
CorelDraw, AutoCAD(Not Included in this item)

Cutting thickness
0-4mm (depends on different materials)

Voltage 220V

Sloping engraving
Yes, slope can be designed discretionarily

Cuts off the water supply the protection

Plywood case

Cylinder Rotary Attachment

Machine Dimension
1020×650×630 mm

Net Weight

Does the cat come with it? LOL

Actually I’ve visited someone who has one of the 50w machines, it’s a beauty! I’m definitely thinking of picking that one up compared to the K40.

Seems to have everything you need straight out of the box :smiley:

Yeah, the cat jumped out of the box when I opened it. I shall call her spring roll.

It might potentialy have all the bits straight out of the box but it needs some tidying and a bit or straightening before it could be used! Only been playing for 40mins but its full of the usual dust and warehouse material, floor sweepings and the like, and the bed is about 5mm out from left to right. Highest on the left hand side. Hopefully with the adjustable bed I can just undo the corner screws that raise and lower it and move it manually. Probably out back and front too but I didn’t check yet.

890GBP for that price you have good value for money.
most mod being done.

I’ve been eyeing that machine for a while too, the K40 is cheaper, and smaller, but I’ve seen the 50w in person and it’s sure a beauty and has a lot of things right out of the box that one would have to mod the K40 a lot to match.