What extruders are you guys with i3s and e3d hot ends running.

(Joe Spanier) #1

What extruders are you guys with i3s and e3d hot ends running. In wanting to do direct drive with this. I would do a wades mount but would rather go direct with an mk8 or similar gear. Suggestions?

(Joe Spanier) #2

At this point im after a “Use this Link to extruder model you can print” haha. Just want to bolt something to this printer and use it tonight.

(Joe Spanier) #3

Im developing too many other projects I just need an extra printer that works

(Joe Spanier) #4

No one?

(Eric Lien) #5

@Joe_Spanier sorry. I don’t have an I3. I have been learning Bowden. But the ezstruder from seemecnc works well. Just sandwich a mount between the nema and the ezdtruder. I have one laying around you could try. Otherwise the don’t cost much.

(Joe Spanier) #6

I’m actually running one on Bowden now Eric. I picked one up at Reprap fest after seeing yours. I wanted to do this guy direct and figured with the density of these someone would have an idea I could just print and throw on. But if nothing comes up ill just draw up an e3d collar to bolt to it and run Bowden.

Eventually I would like to use this one with ninjaflex. We are playing with it at work and its amazing. I want to do dual extrustion with it and abs for flexible couplers and things for z screws or possible eustanthios direct drive couplers.

(Joe Spanier) #7

I’ve also realized I printed the wrong parts for this thing. I used the models from the prusa-vanilla repo. Apparently most people are using the box-frame models. So if I change my x some of the adaptors and things I’ve printed already might work.

(Andrew Radovich (BadWolfProps)) #8

Not sure if it helps Joe but I love my mk5 direct drive extruder on my S3. I don’t. If there is a mounting option for your printer

(Kit Adams) #9

It might be because I use 3 mm filament and like to extrude by hand to determine the nozzle temperature for a filament, but I like light-weight geared extruders using a Mk8 hobbed gear. This means I can use a smaller, lighter, stepper.
In case you are interested, the latest design I use on my Prusa i3 box frame is here (along with the design rationale):

(Joe Spanier) #10

Thanks kit I’ll take a look later today!