What do you think about the idea?

(Benjamin Engel) #1

What do you think about the idea?

(Stephen Baird) #2

It’s similar to something I’ve played with off and on for a while, at least we’re on the same page as far as basic concept goes. But you’d probably want to start with a syringe fed paste extruder as a base for your approach. There are a few designs out there, some of which are pretty good, and it would give you a good base to start tweaking from. I’m afraid your pastry bag sort of idea would be too imprecise, especially as the level gets low, and wouldn’t give you a way to easily reverse flow.

(Wylie Hilliard) #3

There are commercial printers that use resin in an ink jet style head to make 3d prints. Some can even make lenses. You need a UV source to cure the resin as it is extruded and a better delivery method.

(Benjamin Engel) #4

@Stephen_Baird I have done things with a paste extruder before, but then you have a very limited amount and have a lot of weird on the top, this is just an idea that I think is worth trying out, and the paste extruders most of the time dont have retraction eithor

@Wylie_Hilliard that is called polyjet and its is very spendy because it has a number of patents and the print heads are hard to get your hands on. But I think making a polyjet would be amazing! I am just not sure how you would exactly. So to me this is the next best thing.