What do you think about printing guns ?

What do you think about printing guns ?

The undetectably is the real issue. I think most people would be able to make a device to fire a bullet, given a little info and a shop class.

Zip guns are far harder to trace then printed guns, require less premeditation, and are as deadly. There was a study of gun law effectiveness, the most effective law at preventing gun deaths was the 5 day waiting period. This allows people to cool off before getting the gun.

Printing a gun takes a fair bit of time, odds of it being used in a gun crime are low in my opinion.

I can think of about a million better uses for a 3D printer than printing weapons.

It is actually much easier to make a gun in traditional methods (cnc ) than to print it. This is just media hyping as ususl.

Even more of a novelty than 3d printing other objects. As far as the undetecability I wouldn’t want to try a firearm that doesn’t have a metal barrel and chamber. There are much easier and cheaper ways to make a weapon.

Just seen a lot of Alex jones and reading articles people saying they are making Guns kinda of scary but I can think of more interesting things to make also lol