What do you guys think about Geeetech?

(Jon Gordon) #1

What do you guys think about Geeetech? I’ve been eyeballing the “Delta Rostock mini G2s pro DIY kit” for quite some time and now I stumbled upon their troubleshooting guide and found it quite handy.

FYI: $93 to ship to Washington state.

I’m a die-hard SeeMeCNC fan but at $465 delivered to my door and 90% functionality and clean looks compared to the Rostock MAX v2 ($1060 to my door), it’s hard to not run the numbers.

(Mr covert) #2

I have a g2s pro on order. I’m hoping it’s as good as it looks.

(Jon Gordon) #3

@Mr_covert How do you think it compares to other delta’s? I’m actually pretty impressed with what I can see so far, with the exception of attaching the belts to the carriage.

(Mr covert) #4

@Painless360 did a good review on it I thought. He does recommend the pro over the non pro. Being my first delta I can’t really comment a lot on it. I scratch built my mendelmax 1.5 and I’m really looking forward to a full kit. What don’t you like with the belt attaching ?

(Jon Gordon) #5

@Mr_covert It’s just the hole in the belt business. I just think there is better non-destructive ways to attach it, but I do understand it’s use. I have a Solidoodle 2 Pro and it’s the same way.

(Keith Applegarth) #6

Check out http://3dprintersonlinestore.com sometimes they have free shipping.

(Keith Applegarth) #7

If you are doing a DIY kit, get the manual first. Be comfortable with it and know that there will be issues. Also, check reviews. If the customer service is lacking, do not but it. Remember, you will have issues. So, customer service is important.

(Jon Gordon) #8

@Tom_Connors The only thing I see from these guys is maybe lack of customer service, they are from china. Although, they do have extensive hardware walkthroughs and videos - Simple, industry standard stuff.

(Keith Applegarth) #9

@Tom_Connors Like I said you will have issues… there will be something missing or broken. So, I would prioritize customer service at the top.

(Keith Applegarth) #10

@Tom_Connors ​ I am currently building a FolgerTech Kossel 2020. I got it mainly because if the frame being all aluminum and it is a US company.

I have had to contact support 3 times now. First, for parts missing from the kit, second for a bad Ramps board, and most recently, the Ramps they sent fried the Arduino’s 5v regulator. I have spares parts, so I verified all of the bad parts… and so far, they have been very responsive and helpful.

It has been taking about 4-5 days for the replacements and they have, up to this point always used tracking on the packages.