What do you do to prevent the hot end from leaking?

What do you do to prevent the hot end from leaking?
I have two “Chinese” J-heads and whatever I do they eventually start to leak. I have used PTFE/Plumbers tape and silicon sealant. After a while I get leakage. Next up is a combination of wool thread and silicon unless someone have anything better?

Get a good quality hotend. It’s the most important part of the printer.

Never actually had mine do this on a real J-head. Something like 4 printers in my lab now use them, and have never had this issue. Quit buying cheap chinese J-heads and get it from http://hotends.com - he puts them up for sale on fridays.

I guess I have to check back http://hotends.com on friday then :slight_smile: There have to be something strange with the Chinese PEEK.

try to fix it by yourself, heat it, then unscrew the PEEK, i guess they do not have PTFE tubing inside.

Also, what temps are you running at? PEEK starts to melt at 246C, and you should always expect some variation in accuracy of your hot end. If you’re running at 240C, you could be just melting the PEEK.

There is PTFE tubing. Actually replaced it. One hotend overheated when the thermistor fell out so it could be broken due to melting. I use original NTC thermistor, bought from Farnell. The one that table 1 is for.