What DMX platform does everyone prefer?

What DMX platform does everyone prefer? I have been toying with Art-Net for FastLED and seem some software send different signal commands for the data to parse and light up. Should I go the way of E313 or do I need setup some sort of identifier based on the Art-Net version?

I am really interested by this topic :wink:

@Yves_BAZIN I would have thought you fully knew the answer to this question. lol

@Darren_Hedlund I have noticed the same thing as you. No real standard in the art-net Dmx implementations. I am using glediator as you know. I haven’t tested other tools

@Yves_BAZIN Yeah, I was testing with some VJ software lightjams and nothing would light up. Grabbed my E313 code and everything fired up.
Now I have to try testing a E313/ESP32 with a ton of pixels.
Does glediator use Art-Net version 4 c?

@Darren_Hedlund I don’t know glediator is a pretty old tool I think so I dinky think so

@Yves_BAZIN Talking to some programmers and they think the issues is the receiver need to have the correct flags.
typedef struct {
char ID[8]; //“Art-Net”
UInt16 OpCode; // See Doc. Table 1 - OpCodes eg. 0x5000 OpOutput / OpDmx
UInt16 version; // 0x0e00 (aka 14)
UInt8 seq; // monotonic counter
UInt8 physical; // 0x00
UInt8 subUni; // low universe (0-255)
UInt8 net; // high universe (not used)
UInt16 length; // data length (2 - 512)
uint8_t data[512]; // universe data
} ArtnetDmx;

Now, I am using your cpp of Artnet has this commented out. So wondering if that is a factor?
// Check that packetID is “Art-Net” else ignore
/* for (byte i = 0 ; i < 9 ; i++)
if (artnetPacket[i] != ART_NET_ID[i])
return 0;

I use Glediator for testing stuff, its super flexible and can really bent Artnet in ways it shouldn’t be. But for professional stuff i prefer Resolume Arena(be warned its far from cheap) I wrote a big how-to here http://www.elec-tron.org/?page_id=1488 if anyones keen with ESP32 code examples. You can drop in your own Pixel Driver library or use what i have there

@Leon_Yuhanov I will have to try the advatek-assistant to uncover why the Art-Net ESP32 is not being seen.
And…advatek-assistant found nothing, yet lights are playing.

@Darren_Hedlund I think you may have confused something i wrote, the advatek assistant is only compatible with their controllers its not relevant to the ESP32

@Leon_Yuhanov Yeah, I did… Hoping to find a art-net detection unit.

@Darren_Hedlund Oh you want something to monitor incoming packets? Install NODEJS on your machine and run this https://github.com/leonyuhanov/ESP32ArtNetDriver/blob/master/udpListen.js it will give you raw output of all data coming in on UDP port 6454

@Leon_Yuhanov Awesome, thank you!!!

Okay, so created a ESP32 version for E131 that I will do some bench mark testing. So far what I found out about Art-Net, is you have to change the code to match the version of the Art-Net data beig transmitted. Gladiator seems to use version 2 and other are using version 4. E131 seems to have not changed at all.
Another thing I found out is that Many Art-Net Arduino are hard set for an IP address versus Broadcasting. I would prefer to use muti broadcast so now have to find a version 4 artnet with broadcast.
My mind is going… ahhhhhh…

my favorite -> Art-net via MadMapper

@Nathan_Leite_NateThe I have not tried madmapper yet. going to check that out.

Okay so downloaded Madmapper to try out and made a E131 ESP32 version as well. Testing testing and more testing? Anyone want join in this fun? LOL

@Darren_Hedlund What ArtNet lib are you using if any?I I wrote my own(its on the git link i posted previous), because all the ones i found had the issues you described. ArtNet is not so complicated that you need all these versions. They all work the same way

@Leon_Yuhanov Oh, I must try yours then. These Art-Net versions are driving me crazy.

@Leon_Yuhanov So, I have not yet tested your Art-Net yet, but I think the changes to use FASTLED would be like this? I think, maybe, I hope I am on the right direction. If I get this going, then I will add @Yves_BAZIN buffer logic. I HAVE A DREAM! https://github.com/microcyb/ESP32ArtNetDriver-FASTLED