What did I miss here?

What did I miss here? I tried raster the openbuilds.png and it is not doing it correctly. The path it is taking is all over the place and it is flipped.

Ok first of all, this is serial communication issue while running the code via LW. our ramps is slow taking commands and something with buffer memory (out of my uderstanding.

second, Marlin prints gcodes generated by LW in reverse. both X and Y inverted.

ok. How do i modify the bed length. When it goes to x- axis 330mm it is actually 165mm

I am up to date. The problem with the bed length is that it goes all the way to 330mm but its actual measurement is 165mm. This is while just using the LW machine control to move the x-axis. I also have the same problem with the y-axis. I think it is the axis steps per unit.

What are the benfits between smoothieboard and arduino?

Sorry I didn’t explain myself better. It does not jump to the max of 330mm. I move it using LW machine control in increments of 100mm till it stops at 330mm. When I measure the actual distance it is 165mm and not 330mm. I do have a genuine arduino and an SD card.

maybe I will upgrade to smoothie but they seem to be out of stock at the moment.

Abstract spider web ? Hmm 330 is exactly twice 165mm what are your stepper drivers set at ? 1/32 or 1/16 or ? I’m not too sure if that matters,

I got it now but adjusting the steps. I have it set at 1/32. Now I just need to fix my motors from grinding at the endstops.