What are the rules for importing a file that will allow LW (with C3D)

What are the rules for importing a file that will allow LW (with C3D) to create a Vector file? I tried to read up on it but to no avail. I have had my machine down for over a month re-building the cooling system and just have it back up and running. I’ve imported and ran three files pdf,svg, and jpg . All are coming in as a Raster file which given the images I used makes sense. I’ve created Vector files in the past on my CAD and imported as a DXF file without problems.

However there is a image I’m trying to bring in that is a (supposedly) single line drawing, was not one I created, but one off the web. It will not setup as a laser line program. ( It’s a Spiderman icon my grandson wants me to cut out.) So far I have not figured out how or if it can be brought into LW as other than in a raster configuration. I attempted to change it into a DXF file in Inkscape but I don’t think it is converted correctly even though the ext says “.dxf” because LW does not recognized it.

I’m wondering if I am interpreting it correctly that it is a pixel drawing file and it cannot be made into a vector format.?

You could import it to Inkscape and convert it to a vector there. Edit the paths as necessary. Save it as a svg file and open it in LW. There are many YouTube videos showing how to convert an image to vector. Hope that helps! https://inkscape.org/en/doc/tutorials/tracing/tutorial-tracing.en.html

There’s a raster to vector tool on laserweb. Open the raster. Click on the workspace image, click trace button.

Great! Thanks…I must of went right by (again) that info when I looked.

Follow up worked perfectly! I didn’t even clean the drawing up yet just loaded it and hit go.

This test cut is with Popular just under 6.5mm thick, 300mm/min at 7ma. Cuts through it like butter…one pass. The new cooling system works really well. I’ll post the final Pelteir Cooling system build in a few days.

whoops missed one photo