What are some good options for diffusing material to put in front of WS

What are some good options for diffusing material to put in front of WS strips? I have seen great examples in the projects shared in this group. I played with some diffusion fabric meant for soft boxes, but the led was clearly seen in the middle and not diffused evenly over the surface. I am 3d printing a grid to create pixels for each led, and want a first surface to diffuse each pixel evenly.

What materials have you used in your projects? My grid will be 23.5cm x 141cm, so I need a large and odd shaped diffuse. Curious if anyone has taken glass or plastic and applied a diffusing film/layer themselves.


Polyester fibre fill (from Walmart), which goes inside pillows is an awesome diffuser that you can insert between your current (inadequate) diffuser and the strips. I also use multiple layers of tissue paper. Another important thing is the distance between the LED’s and the diffuser.

@Andrew_Tuline thank you. What is a good distance? Curious to see how much the fibre fill reduces brightness. Currently building a grid that would make it 25mm from the surface, so also curious to see what the sweet spot is.

The distance varies depending on the amount/type of diffuser you’re using and the effect you want to create. I’d just muck around with different materials and see what you can come up with. That’s half the fun. I really like ‘organic’ type lighting, what with my bamboo and grapevine lanterns, so things aren’t always accurate.

25mm should work nicely. Tissue, toilet, or paper towel paper can work well as a first diffusion. I’ve cut up white translucent plastic binder covers before and those worked well. Finely sanded Plexiglass works. Getting some distance from the pixel is probably the most important part and it sounds like you’ve already planned for that. Experiment!

I’ve found that diffusion works best with led distance from the front surface if you don’t have the space, I doubt you will be satisfied with any results

If you can get your hands on a junk flat screen TV, the diffuser sheets in those can be used for projects. I have seen thin plastic sheets and some thicker, heavy diffuser panels in them.

@Steve_Perry oh wow. Guy up the street had 3 tv’s knocked out late last year by lightning. I asked him to let me try to repair them. They were totally fried, electricity arced across multiple major components. Unsaleable boards needed replacing. I threw all 3 tv’s out after desoldering the good components. Never thought about the diffusers on them! Will not make that mistake again. Thanks.

@Roger_Guess If you ask nicely at your local TV repair shop, they may let you have some. I would give any of mine to someone who asked since they go to recycling anyway.

Will try, thanks.

White PLA about 1.5mm-2mm thick diffuses light nicely

tracing paper


@Daydreamer Oh yes, that would be good too. I forgot that I’ve used drafting vellum before.

I’ve been experimenting with Loctite gap filler insulation foam. Its white, unlike some other spray foams that come out yellowish. Its super messy, and the can isn’t really designed for multiple uses, but I’ve had really good looking results spraying this over the 60/m density LED strips