What are some cool or challenging dual extrusion prints?

What are some cool or challenging dual extrusion prints? Haven’t seen much out there and I wanna see what my dual can do.

So many proprietary machines

Yet only the cube 3 is proprietary at the moment

Did you flash the Da Vincis with Repetier or Marlin?

The davinci 1.0 is repetier. Repetier didn’t want to boot on the 2.0 so I’m back to stock firmware and I use simplify 3d for that one. Almost as good

How’s the quality? I never got around to flashing my 2.0 before I sold it but the quality was horrid. Although that was most likely due to the too high print temp.

It’s decent. Using a different slicer helps A TON. The filament in cartridges sucks too

I don’t like their ABS either. I actually have a couple left if you want to pay for shipping and don’t mind the fact that they’ve been exposed for about a 2 years.

I think I’ll pass. I used a 4ish year old cartridge the other day and I forgot how bad their filament smells

Back on topic: I remember seeing a cool tree frog around for testing 2 color printing…

This one for instance (search “human spine” on grabcad). Mixing rigid and flexible material (Recreus filaflex) adds some special challenges.