What alternatives to chilipeppr could be recommended for a TinyG operator who has run

What alternatives to chilipeppr could be recommended for a TinyG operator who has run into G-code size limits? I run a recent MacBook Pro currently but could try to implement an older Windows box if good options exist there.

Have you tried Laserweb4? They just added CNC and they were adding coms for TinyG but I have not tried it. I used laserweb3 for two laser cutter upgrades and it had some memory issues with large files too but it’s all new code under the hood so it might work. I’ve been working around the limits in Chilipeppr but it’s a pain so I might check out how they are coming along too.

I am pretty sure LaserWeb had CNC milling in each version. It just takes a bit to reintroduce some features after making some major changes which in the case of LaserWeb 4 was a change in javascript libraries.

Are you looking for CAM or a G-code sender? In terms of the most reliable and working consistently (i.e. if something happens it’s the tools/operators fault not the software) I use USGS. It works offline on PC, MAC and Linux (consistently well) and at least for me was running on a 2004 Dell P4 system in my garage up until 2 months ago when the memory on the system finally went bad (Linux). I threw it on my $250 2015 laptop with windows 10 and ran it there instead. (My mac stays in the house for now - but can control my GRBL based laser just fine with it).

I’ve tried LaserWeb (which I don’t think supports TinyG directly) and ChilliPeppr but had issues with both on the the old beast and graphics. USGS was light enough that it could run on my ancient hardware.

@Michael_Audette makes a good point. CAM can be a tricky thing to do to your liking. You can usually generate gcode from whatever CAM software you like as long as the gcode works for your CNC mill. You can then use almost any gcode sender you want as long as it can properly talk to the CNC mill. CAM and gcode sending are two different things and we are lucky that is the case for users of open source software and hardware.

Laserweb4 was supposed to have coms for Tinyg and much more CAM like pockets and they were working on rotation axis but like I said I have not checked in for a while.

Well then… +Peter van der Walt​?

How big is your gcode? I have run 11k line files before.

11k is REALLY tiny for high resolution reliefs. File size is cubed when you scale, that z is a killer. The final cut is really improved by slowing down and it is orders of magnitude larger than rough cuts. Even though it is a single pass it is most of the time and file size. I’m in the 2-5 meg range where Chilipeppr barfs and dies or barfs and recovers. I want to do MUCH larger pieces. I can break them down into bands and tests seem to show no visible seams but that is painful at 4’x8’ full panel size.

It’s so weird to have this memory limit. I worked for Zenographics in the 1990s which made the Mirage graphics/database software into 640k and it paged memory well enough to handle output of hundreds of megabytes to all kinds of high resolution devices.

I have no limits like this for Mach3 as far as I can see, so far, but that means I can’t use Chilipepper.

I’m still surprised about the memory issue with files that small (<10MB). There are loads of inefficiencies built into every widget, largely for footprinting and debugging but even with those you should not be seeing memory issues. I’d look to the 3d viewer as the culprit but you say that the situation continues even when that is turned off. Have you tried a workspace that has the viewer removed entirely?

Keep in mind that Chilipeppr runs in a browser. The memory limit may be from the browser itself. I have had a problem with browsers bogging down when too much videos and pictures and animations are on webpages or too many tabs are open. That should not be a problem, but it is. I doubt too much of that is due to the massive amount of shitty or malicious javascript running on the pages that I visit. It seems that Facebook or any ad using page seems to use ad providers with cross scipting which I believe is supposed to be a no no.

Laserweb seems a no-go. It won’t load up and doesn’t yet support tinyg.
I have files that are in the neighborhood of 360,000 lines.
I’ve worked around that by feeding chilipeppr spoonfuls at a time.
Mach3 looks tempting and I have been able to load it onto my older pc and run it. It also supports some canned cycles that may just help me. It requires a transition away from the tinyg to a C10 board on parallel cable.
I have seen an improvement with chilipeppr when I kill the 3D viewer but it won’t make the difference need to get me to the larger files. Thanks for the suggestions. Anyone familiar with mach3 VS mach4?

Try running on Firefox. I had better results running from Firefox