What affect will this have on the  community once these cubes are all up

What affect will this have on the #reprap community once these cubes are all up in the stores? Are there other 3d printers that are going to be on the shelves soon?

Very little. The Cube has been sold before and more convenient places.

I think that products like the Cube leave the user out of the loop as far as community-wise. A huge part of why I reprap is because of the collaboration and team spirit of reprap in the community. When you buy a cube you become “bubbled” in it… Not sure if what I want to say is coming out right here…

Any cube operators out there that can comment?

so the giveaway that it will be expensive for filament and stuff like that is they specifically target people who own lexmark printers. I think every one knows the printers sell for like 19.99 , with 5 ink cartridges that cost 25$ each. Im really hesitant to give any credit to something that tries to combine printing, ink addiction with 3d printing. Lexmark ink most likely is more expensive than gold.

Not a cube opperator per say. But we’ve had a previous model at our office. Printed slow, was loud, and not super quality compared to an Ultimaker. But it was easy to get going. The touch screen menu was a bit silly, you have to select a file in rows, where each row is about 4mm.

@Daid_Braam What about the cartidges, support, cube community? Did you interact with any of these entities while the cube was at your office?

Nope, not at all. It’s still on the first cartidge. But I’ve read one Hackaday that the printer says when it is out of filament, but then you get an option to ignore it. At which point you can feed in other 1.75mm filament. (No idea if that feature will stay or is still available on the newer cube)

I am sure that hacking those cartridges isn’t too difficult, and has already been done a time or thousand. @Daid_Braam Thanks for your input!