What 3D modeling software is everyone using? I'm looking for something really simple,

What 3D modeling software is everyone using? I’m looking for something really simple, but accurate enough (CAD-like) to be able to use in 3d printing.

I’ve tried before google sketchup (which I think it now belongs to other company) and I’m trying right now Autodesk Inventor Fusion, but I find it way to complex to create even the most simple things. I’ve also tried blender, but I want something closer to a CAD software.

Ive been using OpenSCAD and Tinkercad for the most part but I’m still looking for something more as well

As far as “point and shoot” 3D software, Sketchup is going to be by-far the easiest. Try FreeCAD - I’m pretty sure it uses a scripted-cad backend (like openscad) in order to generate its solids.

I didn’t know but indeed: “the SketchUp team and technology will be leaving Google to join Trimble”.

I use Sketchup and it’s plugins for all our studio work, it easily converts to our 3D printer software

Thanks! I’ll give sketchup another try… I’m also trying tinkercad (https://tinkercad.com) and looks really, really good.

Alibre Design Personal Edition (instead of the free XPress Edition)

I use Autodesk Inventor on a student license, and for anything I’ve made, it’s been quite straightforward; if I might ask, why Fusion over Inventor?

The only reason it’s because it was free on the Mac App Store :slight_smile:

Is it possible to use Blender for 3D printing?

I’ve only used sketchup and it’s fine for my level of design. I’m MrJohn on thingiverse, feel free to check my designs.

I like freecad for comparative ease of learning – similar to sketchup (though buggier.) openscad is really nice for complex defined shapes like helical gears. Blender is nice for less defined shapes, like importing and modifying contours – faces or scenery.

Why fusion over inventor? Because it’s free to use on a professional level, where as inventor is free to use as a student/teacher license .

Is autodesk compatable for 3d printing im kida a n00b and still haven’t built my printer yet just designed it haha

As long as it exports and .STL file , all slicing-programs can handle it. As for autodesk software, they (almost)all do.
I’m not sure about you’re question, but autodesk does not slice or control a printer. I use KisSlicer for slicing and Repetier-Host for control.

Oh thanks I would have been clicking plot to no sucsess. Does it set up the same as a laser printer I remember using those in school haha

I’m using SolidWorks for a long time now for developing and designing products, and now that i own a 3D printer i’m happy with my choice. I now can design / 3d print the design with a minimum of effort.

I use Viacad 3D for most of my stuff.

We use Sketchup and its plugins, Ruby language is almost open source and there are Foltz and Fredo and other plugin masters that have made it very easy to model and 3D print

Art of Illusion

I’ve only done a couple of quite simple pieces - but it was easy to figure out and worked…