We've got multiple awesome slicers, firmwares, hosts, electronics..

(Andreas Thorn) #1

We’ve got multiple awesome slicers, firmwares, hosts, electronics… Someone please employ this man to develop an open parametric CAD for 3D printing and general design. And pay @Mark_Moissette_ckaos well for his skills dammit!

Originally shared by Mark Moissette (ckaos)

Annotations, size, distance, thickness, angle, diameter measurement,
coming soon on @YouMagine 's 3d viewer!

Side note, I am having a maths overdose : quaternions, euler angles, vectors, offsets, parallel vectors, transformation matrices etc just to display dimensions in a coherent, and universal way (arbitrary positions, angles, etc)

(Jeremie Francois) #2

This tool applies to existing designs (it is easier for a program do to something systematically than to ask people to do it beforehand) :wink:
And, well, some CAD software like Openscad do not help at all for such features (btw which dimensions are the right ones to chose?)

(Ryan Hescock (Stanos)) #3

It is especially handy for people like me who suck at documenting anything.

(Jeff DeMaagd) #4

Dimensioning doesn’t seem to be something a hobbyist does unless they have no other choice. Dimensioning a 3D object can be tricky in the best of cases too.