We're seeing a lot of "I'm new,

We’re seeing a lot of “I’m new, what printer should I buy?” posts and some of us try to guide the poster down the open source/RepRap path, but I feel like we should be doing more to encourage this.

How many of you would be capable of creating the printed parts for a RepRap that we could offer to get these folks started? Any ballpark idea of the filament cost?

My own printer isn’t quite there yet, but once it is I’d be willing to do this as much as I could afford to do so, and I think it would be a way to encourage the sort of adoption we need at this point.


If people are printing parts, I would also suggest sticking to ABS. An over-tuned stepper motor is more than capable of getting hot enough to completely obliterate PLA. I know. I’ve done it.

I’m interested in getting into 3D printing and would welcome the idea.

I can print parts, but I only print in PLA

Thats my hang-up too (I’m printing pla only right now) but could we divvy up the job and have someone who can handle abs do the parts that require it and do the rest in pla (just brainstorming)?

is there already a 3d printer exchange and request hub? where people who have a reprap look at a list of people asking for one, and if close enough, print out and give it to them?

@Laston_Kirkland man, if that existed…would be so freakin’ awesome.

If it exists let me know, if not, I know my next weekend project :slight_smile:

I’m a beginner too and I opted to purchase a Makibox HT a few months ago when they were still in R&D. I will receive it soon, together with a few color variations filament (0.5kg each color), some PLA some ABS. My goal was to print the needed parts to make a printrbot for my son, but since Makible will have their LT model for only $200 I think I’ll stick to that. However, I think that printing parts for other people is a great idea and I’ll get to it for interested people in Canada, to keep the shipping costs low. To be able to do this, we need to set to a (few perhaps) printer models that are easy to assemble and tune for beginners. Also, a printer needs parts that are not printable, so we need a list of vendors from where people cah buy those parts (electronics, motors, bearings, hotend, belts and hardware). We can settle for the Prusa-Mendel or the Hugo based on the printrbot, but I believe that Hugo has the least parts and is easier to make, build and tune. http://reprap.org/wiki/Hugo

The exchange/request-hub is a great idea. As for vendors, one should let the users in that specific area(s) post vendor suggestions. But getting people printing is just as important, adding printer-presets (and rating) to those presets are just as important.

I’ve got access to both a Printrbot and Thing-O-Matic. As I’m having problems producing what I need I’ll be adding a commercial printer from Form Labs to the collection. And I’d love to help by printing parts, however for this to work peoples need to know what parts and what durability they need them. Easy ‘make/purchase estimate’ is essential for the hub to work for newcomers.

We could use this referral below as a starting point when the question is asked, “I’m new, what printer should I buy.” Sending folks there and encouraging them to sort and read on some of the product choices that fit their needs and budgets. Then hopefully they return to the community group with a better understanding and feel for the choices, and could then ask more specific question before hitting the “add to cart” button, on a given manufactures website. :slight_smile:

One stop list of 130 choices of current printers and kits to choose from:
Just use the menu to the right, to sort by “kits” or “assembled” and then choose from your own desired budget.

Each model has it’s manufactures link included in the info/spreadsheet, so anyone in a shopping mood can just head to their specific site for ordering info.