We're having an amazing sale on 3D Printer Filament.

We’re having an amazing sale on 3D Printer Filament. Check it out before they run out!

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Our standard 2LB 3D Printer Filament is still on sale! The prices have dropped to $13 per pound. The discontinued and mystery color options are also on sale.
Check it out before it runs out!

I’m with ya there Rick - I’ve had great results with Protoparadigm over the last couple of years, so hope the new stuff is as good as the old…

@Rick_Zehr @John_Driggers We’re not sure who Ultimachine’s supplier is. Our new supplier is us! We’ll be making everything in-house.
Speaking of spools, what would you like to see? Do you have any suggestions?

Order for legacy filament was placed last week!

On the spools - I actually quite like the existing ones. I don’t care for the small diameter ones your competitors use at all.

@Rick_Zehr We have some cardboard spools we’ve been working with, another thought was to use a paperboard stock like cereal boxes use. The other trick is finding a core and assembly technique that keeps them economical. But you’re absolutely right, those welding wire spools are expensive, heavy, and look pretty industrial.

@John_Driggers What is it exactly that bothers your about the smaller diameter spools?

@Luke_Chilson The tighter diameter at the center makes it very difficult to unspool - the seems particularly bad with 3mm PLA. For 1.75mm, it’s less of an issue. I’ve also had some that were so tight it physically cracked as I got the the center…

I don’t mind the Diamond Age/printbl “cardboard” ones at all, and I’m all about saving costs.

@John_Driggers Good to hear; it’s always a trick with that inside diameter. You want to go as small as you can to keep density high, but too small and it doesn’t play nice with the filament. But aside from the inner diameter, you don’t mind a smaller outside diameter?

@Luke_Chilson I’m setup so that the external diameter is largely irrelevant on all but one printer - and in that case smaller would be better!