Well,  what to say.  WOW I guess.  Looks like belts work then.

Well, what to say. WOW I guess. Looks like belts work then. Lead screw driven Z too.

Originally shared by Jason Smith (Birds Of Paradise FPV)

Thanks. I suddenly hate my printer :slight_smile:

I didn’t see the leadscrew.

It’s beautiful

It’s not installed yet but on the bed rod bracket the hold for it is there and I assume the nut trap

Nice. Looks like maybe GT2 belts.

Hopefully he shares the files.

@Sonex128 I hope so too but if he doesn’t, it will be pretty trivial to reverse engineer the xy ends and Z axis mount.

Jeez! That’s amazing!

I’m not very good with making 3d parts yet. Still trying to figure out what software I like the best. I keep falling back on Sketchup because I know how to use that the best, but it really sucks creating solid meshes. I have student license of Autocad and Inventor, but haven’t got used to them yet.

@Ashley_Webster I tend to doubt everything till I’ve seen it working :slight_smile:

Lol - another pulley order @D_Rob ?

I want the files as I was planning on dropping my makerslide plans due to unavailability in Australia anyway. Plus it has a leadscrew driven z. All the work I was going to attempt is already done.

Ditto! Whose bot is this?

This is @Jason_Smith s bot. He designed it all in sketch up. We plan on sharing soon. He wants to clean a few things up first. Also the really cool thing is the misumi is all machined and cut at order. Tapped and all! Its being driven with our tinyg CNC controller. Our current board does not do 3d printing however the v9 board will very soon. We used tinyg to get the speed + constant jerk (so we do not rock the machine right off the table) that is not able on rep* based controllers. I printed all the parts on my ultimaker 1 FYI. The z leadscrews are suppose to be in today. Oh and yes it is all gt2.

@Riley_Porter_ril3y Thanks for the Info. I’m really pleased to see the design evolving, this was exactly what I wanted when I released the initial files for Ingentis :D. Where did you get the GT2 10mm bore pulleys from btw?

@Daniel_Fielding and all.

Files. It’s just a SKP file for now. Again this is all pretty raw. @Jason_Smith will add BOM tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing. Will help out a lot. Now have to wait until I get off work in the morning to look at.

I see its called Eustathios, nice that the Greek naming convention continues :slight_smile:

Here’s the model in a more accessible .obj format. It’s all meshes atm :frowning: - If I get a chance I’ll pass it through Freecad and convert it to solids.