Well the davinci duo doesn't want to flash repetier correctly so I'm just gonna

Well the davinci duo doesn’t want to flash repetier correctly so I’m just gonna use it for parts for my 1.0… Now the question is what’s a good dual extrusion Cartesian for around $700? Must run repetier or Marlin and as large as a print area as possible. Pre built is a plus as well. My Delta kit took forever to build

You might have a hard time finding a good dual extrusion printer for around $700. Nearly double that would be more practical. I really like my ReliaBuild 3D (RB3) with dual heads and a 12 x 16 bed (actual printable area is smaller with dual heads). Runs Marlin. There is also a 10 x 10 bed version that is closer but still more than $700. Pre built is available but is kind of expensive to ship.

Here is the store for the parts: http://www.laserwelddesign.com/shop

Well I got the stock firmware back on the printer so I’ll see how it all goes. I’ll probably buy a cartridge resetter and such