Well, that's one way to:

Well, that’s one way to:
a) figure out how to engrave both sides
b) figure out how to cut wood without burning (no air assist yet)
c) not waste material

15 key chain tags (that’s all I needed, but there’s enough material for 5 more), engraved both sides. The stock material did not move the whole time. I would engrave, cut, pick the pieces up and flip them over, then engrave the other side. The red stuff with holes that you see on the left in the second picture are the 3D printed guides. Since the X0 position for the laser head is so far from the rail, I decided to make those guides so the material is position just right for minimal waste. I’m currently printing another one for the back right side.

Next up is ripping the vent duct out and trimming it by 5mm or so. Unfortunately that requires the whole assembly to come out so I’ll wait till I get the z-bed and do it all together. In the mean time I’m working on adding a flow and temp sensor to the water line. Had a couple of “warm” runs.

Those look excellent ! nice work

Engrave,flip,engrave, cut would be awesome and less time consuming. You would just have to calculate the offset when flipped :wink:

Which is why engrave, cut, flip, engrave is easier as the stock material doesn’t move and functions to re-align the pieces once flipped. Nothing in LaserDRW changes.

That’s a very good idea for engraving both sides. I totally love the red stuff to guide where to place the job piece for minimal wastage. I’ve got to make myself something similar for a guide. Thanks for the idea.

Depending on what u want to do with the vent, I’d thought to simply use a dremel to cut the top of the vent further back than the front with sloping sides from bottom to top.

What stock are they cut from?

@Phil_Willis Maple thin wood veneer, https://www.inventables.com/technologies/maple-thin-wood-veneer - specifically the 0.105" one.

First Saturday at Loveland (Colorado). It’s for the world wide mobile game called Ingress (http://www.ingress.com/) - I’m on the green team. First Saturday is a cross-faction event where both teams come together at a specified location to play together and help lower level players.

Capture the flag combined with geocaching.

@Ashley_M_Kirchner_No That sounds pretty interesting, will have to have a look myself.

@Ashley_M_Kirchner_No Wow, that is actually super cool. What would be even cooler if using something like Google Glasses you could actually see the “portals” in your HUD. That’d be fun.

If they can make the battery last, sure. Actively playing the game will drain your phones battery really fast. Everyone who plays Ingress walks around with extra batteries. Google Glass will last 10, maybe 15 minutes? Some of our larger operations take hours.

what size are those spacers