Well people, yesterday came the k40,

Well people, yesterday came the k40, and I am nothing but grateful to all of you have made this possible.

It’s a pleasure to be on this warm community, and I’m very motivated to keep the things moving. So, here it is:


Please leave comments about your impressions of the machine, if not advices.

Thank you all!

Hard work you have done and soon everybody going to use it, enjoy and keep pushing. I want 3DP :slight_smile:


i love that idea, @Brook_Drumm are you up to it? LW or Could use your support in this endevor

Uh, those pictures look like you need to repair it first, before you can use it :frowning: Hope you get it quickly.

Seems I am the last LW dev without a K40, right?

@Brook_Drumm might actually be able to help us with cloud slicing. If we could get access to that and do an HTTP request to the cloud slicer with an STL file and a string or json of slicing parameters… That would solve that problem. This is where we dropped off the 3D Printing Widget last year…

What about sending the stl to the server and use cura or slic3r from there, then passing back the gcode?

@cprezzi This is what I meant by cloud slicing. I made some attempts on this last year - we had a .NET API in Azure Cloud Services that would receive an HTTP POST with the .stl file and a string of parameters then invoke slic3r and send back the gCode file. It was very slow…

@cprezzi Yes, the machine needs a lot of work before start, proper electric safety, interlocks, chilling, calibration, electronics.
At least a month without many RealLife interferences.

@cprezzi check your mail, your #lasersfund has already started :smiley:

@Jorge_Robles Thanks alot!

@raykholo I didn’t mean some server, I meant the already existing LW node server :wink: