Well now, doesn't that just suck. Guess I'm down to zero printers (temporarily).

(Mike Miller) #1

Well now, doesn’t that just suck. Guess I’m down to zero printers (temporarily).

(ThantiK) #2

At least this one is an easy fix.

(Mike Miller) #3

Could be time with a dremel and chemical soak…hotend was at 220 when this was taken, and the blob was still mostly cold.

(Anton Fosselius) #4

Impressive, what print did this to you? Did your z drop to zero mid print or what happend?

(paul wallich) #5

It looks as if it melted after piling up a bunch of string. nippers or diagonal cutters or something like that applied with much care for a first step?

(Mike Miller) #6

The parts came off the bed prematurely, on one of the first dozen or so layers.

(Stephen Baird) #7

Oof, now that’s a mess. I had one a lot like that, once… just go slow and be careful. I managed to destroy my thermistor in the process of removing mine, but it looks like yours is even more involved in the wiring.

(ThantiK) #8

Easy solution : heat gun

(Mike Miller) #9

Yeah, but it wasn’t gonna happen this morning prior to coffee and leaving for work.

(Stephen Baird) #10

A heat gun helps, especially in conjunction with heating the hot end, but with that much plastic there’s probably going to be a bit in the middle that isn’t warm enough to soften at all. And that’s where the real fun starts.

Crack off the bits that are far from anything vital, then apply heat from the inside and the outside, and very slowly and carefully get everything off that you can.

…and probably wear a respirator if you’ve got one. You’re going to end up burning some bits.

(Mike Miller) #11

I’ll move it outdoors. I’m wondering if a high power soldering iron or similar wouldn’t help in the melting process.

(Stephen Baird) #12

That could work to take chunks off, probably. What kind of plastic is it? Luckily my similar blob was PLA, so it came off relatively easily when I got it hot.

(Mike Miller) #13

Yeah, it’s PLA

(Anton Fosselius) #14

@Mike_Miller ​​, then look up “lost pla” moulding :wink: if you heat pla enugh it evaporates. But it might have some negative effects on what’s left of your printer…

(Mike Miller) #15

My consciousness might evaporate right along with it!

(Michaël Memeteau) #16

I vote for soldering iron and sculpting time… Have fun @Mike_Miller

(Mike Miller) #17

Whelp, all it took was disabling the e3d fan and letting everything come up to temp. It came off pretty easily after that. it’s still kinda goopy lookin, though.

(Gary Deen) #18

I want that gcode… I don’t think I could print that.

(Gary Deen) #19

A nice clean nozzle and extruder now blackened for months… sad