Well, my WS2811 stripe isn't working anymore and I am trying to figure out

Well, my WS2811 stripe isn’t working anymore and I am trying to figure out why. Sometimes when I power up my power supply, some random led’s are lightning up, but most of the time nothing happens.
So I build a “tester” which is a single led+resistor. When I put this somwhere on there stripe between gnd and 5V the led is lightning up, so there is no power supply problem. Just to be sure it’s not a problem of the arduino, I connected the tester to the output pin of the arduino and ground which results in a blinking led.
Now I recognized something odd. I disconnected the data pin so I only have the power supply connected to the stripe. When I put the tester between 5V and data before the first led, nothing happens. But after the first led, it is lighning as bright as it can. That can’t be right. Somehow the first led connects 5V to data, I guess.
What’s going on with the first led?!

When powering up your strip, the random lighting of LEDs is not necessarily a good thing. There is a huge on rush of current to the LEDs and they are freaking out, so to save your strip from damage, you need to put a 1000uf capacitor across the power rail right before the strip. This will keep the random LEDs from lighting up on powerup. Without this cap, you probably damaged the first LED in the strip. You can confirm by inputting the Data IN to the second LED on the strip. If it works, then the first LED is dead and needs to be replaced/removed. Hope that helps!

@Jon_Burroughs thanks for the advice. Until I don’t get the capacitor, I won’t try to skip the first LED. Not that I damage the second LED as well :slight_smile: