Well, ladies and gentlemen...it was nice knowing all of you here on G+ Maybe

I wouldn’t be opposed to Mastodon, Reddit, or Google Groups. I think the only one that will get much organic growth is Reddit… it has a big 3DP userbase already. We could make a new subreddit maybe.

Additionally, I’ve actually been working with some people who were trying to set up a public forum and they’ve even been asking me to push our members there – but they code like amateurs and haven’t listened to any of my suggestions about not looking like 90s forum software.

They are also trying to make money off of it and the way they’ve gone about it all just kinda sat wrong with me, so I haven’t mentioned them or even given anyone their names.

I’m just some guy who pushed a button once on G+. I’d like to continue my job, serving people who need help, keeping spam at bay. But users have already made good arguments about organic growth; G+ was a top-tier name, and people came here on their own accord.

If I develop makerlibrary and try to put some sort of social instance on there, it will lack the organic growth. Nobody I know wants to push this to Facebook. Twitter is terrible according to Tom. Reddit already has their own 3D printing community which has rejected my request to be part of their moderator team.

So I’m kinda stuck. Google Groups has such a terrible interface. And I’m not likely to want to give them the chance to pull this crap on me again.

So I honestly don’t know. Open to solutions/suggestions. I’ll research each and talk with the other mods to get a general idea of what they think. There is without a doubt going to be a fracturing of minds here on what the proper thing to do would be.

@ThantiK Luckily we’ll have time to think of an alternative. Here on G+ I got to know a lot of people but on Reddit I don’t get that community vibe unfortunately.

Tom’s forum is an option too, I guess?

You know, my main issue with Facebook is the “LOL MEMES” crowd and low signal/noise ratio on the main 3DP groups… you get like 100 replies to any post within minutes, and 90% of them are ignorant junk. But I think it could be ok if moderated more aggressively.

I assume a lot of people here have cultural/ethical objections to FB in general though. I personally don’t like the platform much; it’s just undeniably where the users are…

Sad to see G+ go; I still don’t have a good alternative to Picasa. Not sure what would take its place. No Facebook for me too.

You wont catch me going to facebook thats for certain. At this stage I’m thinking it has to be something open source. If I had more time I’d write it myself.

@Daniel_Bull that’s basically the point of mastodon, you run your own instance of the platform.

what about http://pluspora.com - or an own diaspora instance?

I’m in the group that won’t come along to Facebook, but all of the ideas I do have have already been mentioned here.

Mastodon seems like a downright terrible option; at least I cannot seem to find a way for reading posts there without making an account, which means zero discoverability, whatsoever, for anyone who isn’t a Mastodon-user. Zero discoverability for non-users is a no-go for something that’s supposed to spread word of the good stuff and/or be of help to people.

@ThantiK what is makerslibrary?

@ThantiK Is is possible to get an archive of all the past posts on this forum? There are so many good tips and information that will be lost.

I agree it’s been a good run.

@Ryan_Carlyle I had a look at Mastadon but it seemed to be a bit twitter like? I absolutely loathe twitter, its like a drive by shooting of peoples opinions where nobody listens to anyone.

Oxwall seems promising from the open source bunch. I might spin up a server and give it a go… https://www.oxwall.com/demo

A friend also mentioned Minds which I might try out but I’m not sure how distributed that is. It looks like it might be another commercial offering disguising itself as open source.

has a discourse forum been brought up? I live on discord and slack but they arent as nicely threaded as G+ was. Really sad to see it go even if I havent been active in a while

@Daniel_Bull Oxwall looks really nice.

I’m happy to open the doors of http://3dpubs.com to anyone that wants to join and mod the right people so it feels like home

The only true decentralized system is a web ring :wink: