Well, it's now confirmed!

Well, it’s now confirmed!

And here’s the official release: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20130619006431/en/Stratasys-Acquire-MakerBot-Merging-Global-3D-Printing

honestly, who DIDN’T see this one coming months ago?

Anyway, kinda upset at http://theverge.com’s article about it…they couldn’t go 2 paragraphs before mentioning that stratasys was the kind of printer that the first 3D printed gun was made.

In relevant news, a Hewlett Packard printer was made to counterfeit movie tickets once, by someone…somewhere…

It’s seriously getting old.

For better or worse (well, mostly worse), the gun stuff is currently the primary referent for mundanes to 3D printing.