Well, it's been a while since I posted anything new.

(Jack Daugherty) #1

Well, it’s been a while since I posted anything new. Since my spindle fried, I have had some challenges getting things back up and running. If anyone has followed my previous posts, you would know that I purchased a small trim router from harbor freight to replace the fried one. The actual router itself is not too terribly bad, but the collet is complete garbage. So after ruining a few a few pieces from the bit slipping in the collet, I decided on the Dewalt DWP-611 router. I ordered a mount from OB’s because I really had no way of making my own without breaking something else on my machine. One mount did not seem sufficient to me so I found a 3d printer file for almost the same mount that I bought, and was able to use it to cut a second mount from 3/4 plywood.

I also had to get a second collet for 1/8" bits from Elaire. Of course I ordered the one for the full sized router, and not the palm sized router. The shipping time is not very speedy, and I had to wait a couple of weeks to finally get that mess out of the way. I should say that the quality of their product is worthy of the long wait time!

Working beautiful with the 2 mount setup! Only thing I don’t like is the inability to control the power on/ off of the router itself with g-code commands. Not all that concerned about the spindle speed functionality. I ordered something I hope I can use to resolve that issue. It’s called a PowerSwitch Tail II from http://www.powerswitchtail dot com.

I am not positive that this will work, but I am hopeful. I am not educated enough about the difference between PWM control signals, and straight dc voltage output triggers, in conjunction with the outputs from the Arduino or the MKS control boards. If I understand correctly, I need only 3vdc to trigger the powerswitch tails’ relay @ 3mA. I believe I should be able to get this to work with the outputs for the laser??? Hopefully I won’t need to sacrifice the laser function though in order to do this. Maybe a second output header on the board???

Anyone that has any experience with this, feel free to share your knowledge.

With that said here are a couple of pics of my latest works. One redone, larger scale “The Last Supper” 10x19ish, and “Grandpa” 10.5x ? I forget now, lol. Happy carving all!

(James Rivera) #2

@Jack_Daugherty Apologies in advance, because I don’t mean to hijack or derail the conversation, but I’m curious: what CAM software do you use to generate your 2.5D gcode for these carvings?

(Darrell n) #3

That should work fine. Just connect your PWM pin D12? I think to the + input and ground to the other input from your Arduino. Use M3 to turn on the router and M5 to turn it off. Openbuilds also has a new switch module, https://openbuildspartstore.com/iot-switching-relay-power-strip/ for about $35.

(Jack Daugherty) #4

@James_Rivera No problem. I am using Vectric Cut3D.

(Jack Daugherty) #5

@Darrell_n I hope it does. I wasn’t sure if I could wire it like that or not. I should be able to use the 2 wires that controlled my dc spindle then. I happened to find the newer version, which is the one you have listed, after I already ordered mine. Of course that is no surprise, and seems to be my luck with everything. Thanks for the reply.

(Jack Daugherty) #6

UPDATE. PowerSwitch Tail II arrived today. I wired it up, loaded some code and hit the play button. Works exactly as I hoped it would!