Well isn't this interesting...

Well isn’t this interesting… lol haaaalp

It’s like things aren’t one solid rug roh

Can you show the whole screen so we can see what’s happening?

Looks like features are under defined so they have unintended degrees of freedom.

Like @Eclsnowman mentioned, looks like features are under defined. Is it supposed to rotate at all? If so maybe some limit mates may work.

Fist, make sure you’ve fully defined all your sketch. OnShape is pretty good about letting you know when your sketch is fully defined, unlike some other CAD applications I could mention (Fusion360, I’m looking at you).

You could also be rotating a feature or sketch, which, depending on how you define your sketches, could cause wonky behavior. Generally, I don’t bother with any of the direct modeling features. I like to keep things parametric. Like Eric said, it would be nice to see what tool you’re using and what the general context is.