Well, I'm pleased to announce that I'll saving up money to afford the  3D

Well, I’m pleased to announce that I’ll saving up money to afford the #Solidoodle 3D printer - finally.

Will that be your first personal 3D printer or what have you used before? My first prints were done by http://i.materialize.com and were expensive mostly because of the shipping from overseas. So now I am waiting on a RigidBot BIG! and lots of 1.75 mm filament (TBD: colors, ABS/PLA).

It’ll be my first, actually.

What design/modeling software have you been using? I have a resurrected legacy TinkerCad account, Bonzai3D v.3.0, and Cheetah3D.

Blender 3D 3.5+; more of studying then it is using, at the moment. Hope by the time we can actually afford it, I’ll be good enough.

Any reason for choosing Solidoodle in particular? I haven’t heard much about peoples’ experience with them.

How expensive is a personal 3D printer?

@Phino_Fernandez Generally anywhere from $400-$2400 US. I’d say that some of the best printers are available for $800-$1600 as a full kit. A nice list is in the FAQ for this community. http://www.3ders.org/pricecompare/3dprinters/

I just got my Solidoodle. After some calibrations and extra lube on the rails, it is printing beautifully. I’m very happy with it. I’ve been a long time Blender user too. Version 3.67 has some good printing tools

Mostly money reasons but it does seem print pretty well from what I’m I’ve seen.

I heard about that and hope to get into that after I finish learning the basics.