Well, I have to admit that I am horrible at cad.

Well, I have to admit that I am horrible at cad. I am trying to varify the measurements on this cad drawing. But I can’t seem to do it without screwing up the model in solidworks. Can any one please tell me what the distance measurents are for the following 5 distances?

I also forgot to ask for the measurement of the middle beam of the build plate support. I need to drill out holes to screw my beam in.

I would use the Z shaft as a reference, not the mounts. The shaft needs to be placed in the middle of the extrusion. The Z-motor position will be defined automatically, just slide it to tension the belt. For the middle beam I’m not sure as my implementation is different here but I would expect it to be in the “middle” of the two other bed beams. Otherwise you could use corner brackets, the you can move it if necessary.

I would just wing it. The electronics don’t need to be exact they just need to be held in place

You can measure using the measuring tool under the evaluate tab. You can also select edges, faces, a pair of parallel faces, etc and it will give you some dimensional info in the lower right of the SW window.

I’m still looking into it. I started taking a solidworks course. Hopefully I can get proficient at it rather quickly.

Also getting familiar with the pop up menu when you select the face of a part or a part/feature in the feature tree is invaluable for being fast. Additionally, expanding the Show Display Pane by clicking the “>>” at the upper right of the Feature Tree, Property Manager, Configuration Manager, Display Manager area will give you some nice hide/show/transparency, edge dispaly, and color options. The Section View is also great to check interference or see sketch planes that may be obstructed otherwise.