Well, I guess I'm here

Glad to hear the community information will be exported, owned, and searchable here.

I’m still hoping that openbook.social will come around and provide a good unified mobile/desktop interface. There are like 15 different “Discourse” Forums now surrounding the maker scene. :confused:


Glad to see you here.

Welcome ThantiK !

So where is this supposedly imported 3D Printing stuff from G+ and how can we get an easily accessible link here?

@mcdanlj needs to run the import to bring the data into discourse. I will ask him when he can get it done by. The process works as he has successfully brought in the Hurculein community this morning.

Let me know if I need to give him any kind of administration privileges for him to get all of that data

I’m testing with smaller communities first. We just got HercuLien imported this morning. I want to make sure that there aren’t additional important bugs to fix in the importer before pulling in the very large 3D Printing community.

That import might take something like a week to run to completion. I’ll import 1000 posts per import session.

So please look through the Herculien posts to see how things look!

Currently, not. I have a complete import as of a few days ago. The import process takes about 15 hours to run. Note that it will be a point-in-time import, so it won’t have newer posts or comments after the import ran, and there won’t be incremental import of the last few weeks of Google+ posts and comments.

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There shouldn’t be really any additional posts past this point anyhow, since I put a notice on the community that it was shutting down and pointed people to multiple other social media sites