Well, G+ is leaving us.

Well, G+ is leaving us. Any ideas where to go from here?

Shame on you @Google

Theres open communities, self-hosted, forums. Any suggestions?

Maybe MeWe. https://mewe.com

When I try to call http://mewe.com I just get a white page. It’s not working and I didn’t hear good things about it.

There are Mastodon.social and Diaspora that sounds valueabe. But we shoud not rush with this decision. Let’s research what options we have and then make a survey.

It would be good if we could at least import the important ones from all the G+ community messages.

Please see my post here and join the discussion to use the time we have to find/build a durable, quality solution.
MeWe is no solution, just another proprietary option. No better than FB, and could be even worth…
Diaspora, Minds, Mastodon, Mattermost, Discourse are surely better contenders. Join the discussion and let’s build makers tomorrow social platform!

@cprezzi backup and import of communities and collections is definitely an issue to address…

I’ve tried hard to love it, but I have to say that I’m not that big a fan of the G+ style forum. Seems harder to search, and I prefer the hierarchical grouping of a more conventional forum. A plain but functional (and free) system is phpBB, which should run anywhere you choose to host. Lots of other options.

@Ken_Nelson forum systems, be they more seasoned like phpBB, or more trendy like Discourse, should certainly be part of the options considered. I totally second the weaknesses of G+ communities and FB groups in terms of search and grouping. Surely on the requirements list to be built.

Discourse can be easily hosted with digital ocean.

@Bonne Wilce many Open Source solutions can be easily launched and run on public clouds infrastructures actually :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

@Jeremie_Tarot a maker focused diaspora might be fun

@Jerry_Hartmann glad you think so too :slight_smile:
But being at it, I dream we could go a little further…

What about Rocket-Chat (a open source Slack alternative)? Because I like to have native mobile apps.

@cprezzi another interesting one to compete with Riot.im and Mattermost. Feature list is quite impressive and nice integrations too. Two concerns though on first glance: not distributed (but federation project already planned with Matrix.org compatibility, and so Riot and other Matrix apps), and no support for different groups/communities on a single instance (but depending on runtime weight, this can be dockerized and each group could have it’s own instance).
I too favor solutions with native mobile apps. I actually never use G+ elsewhere than on mobile!

why not do all the things and use https://sandstorm.io/

@Jerry_Hartmann could indeed be an infrastructure solution, but project should be better defined to know really.

I’ve just joined this community… is this one shutting down or is it moving somewhere else?

We will move somewhere, but lets wait some time until the suitable options settle a bit. Worst case we can always move to a forum on our website https://cncpro.yurl.ch