Well been trying to get the latest update to work on my X-Carve Grbl

Well been trying to get the latest update to work on my X-Carve Grbl machine with no joy!
Everything worked fine before the latest release but after updating to the new JSON server CP seems to have a mind of it’s own. I keep getting errors like in the photos below and there seems to be quite a few others on the Inventables forum with similar problems.

Any ideas how to resolve this?

Nothing changed in the Grbl buffer, so that’s not likely it. I will do further testing as I am hearing a lot of feedback that something is off.

Jarret, went back to V1.80 since that was listed in CP and was what I was using. I searched for V 1.82 but could not find it. Machine and CP are almost happy again and seem to be working fine except for a lot of stuttering when trying to do large circle cuts but I’m guessing that has to do with the way it handles the number of facets in the curve.

http://chilipeppr.com/downloads/ has all of the releases including 1.82. Maybe help me a bit on the theory here because I’ve been looking into it and can’t figure out what the problem is yet.

Yeah, it’s as if it is treating the strings coming back from Grbl like it’s unicode even though it’s normal ASCII and thus the bytes are all shifted and creating whacky characters. I do wonder if this is due to the new serial port library we swapped to that solved the closing of port issues, but I swapped to that library in 1.82 and folks are saying 1.82 works.

Just tried 1.82 and get error trying to unlock, reverted back to 1.80 and she’s working again

Just went and looked again and noticed the time to load is vastly different between the versions, 1.8 loads in less than a second, 1.82 takes about 15~20 seconds and 1.83 is the slug in the group taking about 45~50 seconds to fully load.
just a simple observation

I just ran a bunch of test runs on Grbl and it ran great on Raspberry Pi v1.83. I just tested on Windows Vista 32-bit and that does show the problems of garbled text so that’s progress because I’ll have a path to test. The load time does concern me for SPJS, but I’m not seeing any slow load times on Windows Vista. So haven’t been able to reproduce what you are saying with respect to load times.