Welcome back, Little progress in starting The Thing.

Welcome back,

Little progress in starting The Thing. Cheap version E3D V6 hotend proved to be defective and filament block between the teflon tube and the heatbrake - to high temp. in this place. After changing to v5 I have no problems with extrusion. The printer starts printing but:

  1. At the beginning after homing Z axis printer printed, but does not lower the table for next layer
  2. I changed the parameters in the file printer.cfg and local.cfg - unfortunately I do not remember exactly what and how much :confused: At the moment, after the homing axis Z and start printing, the printer lowers the table by approx. 15 mm and the next layer increases the table instead of lower (I think something is configured vice versa).
  3. Even a question about hotends: I have yet one hotend but to start printing you need to have a second, which also must warm up to printing has begun. The setting in the printer profiles one hotend does nothing. How to set the printer configuration to the printer to start printing after only the first heating hotend?

Elias, installing new Kamikaze image will solve this problem?

If you have the latest version of redeem, that is the most important change in comparison with the old Kamikaze. I’m not sure what is happening with the z-axis… It is not hit by the end stop?

  1. You know that I’m rookie in linux :slight_smile: Easier for me is installing new image with latest redeem. This will be a good occasion to test it. So what do you recommend? So this should I use in SSH?:

cd /usr/src
git clone https://bitbucket.org/intelligentagent/redeem.git
git checkout develop
make install_py
cp systemd/redeem.service /lib/systemd/system/
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl restart redeem


cp /usr/src/redeem/configs/default.cfg /etc/redeem
systemctl restart redeem
journalctl -f -n 100

  1. Yes, z-axis is hit by the end stop because this is position after homing (no offset). When start printing bed goes down approx. 15 mm, printing in air and goes up with each layer. When I change line in g-code (G1 Z0.0 F{travel_speed}) - bed doesn’t go up with each layer because it is in 0 position and holded by end stop. This is the same situation with replicape: https://plus.google.com/114125966923153934677/posts/WaR8Gn4SgYt

@Daniel_Kusz minor changes needed also in /etc/systemd/ files - use
sed -i -e “s/bin/redeem/local/bin/redeem/g” /etc/systemd/system/base.target.wants (or whatever other systemd file it’s in, can’t remember off the top of my head)

Can you write exactly what I need to write in console? No such file or directory after: sed -i -e “s/bin/redeem/local/bin/redeem/g” /etc/systemd/system/base.target.wants. Sorry about all this questions, but only linux upgrades and problems are difficult for me.

PS. After updating redeem, the X axis is changed with the axis Y. Also, the axes do not move in accordance with the distances. I have the impression that the .cfg files are not reading properly.

right, because the last argument is a file that probably doesn’t exist - if you remember DOS, basically ls is “dir” and cd is the same. except C: becomes / in Linux. use those two to find out what the right name is for the redeem.service file

OK thanks, I think i can do this after learning some linux basics. Now I’m on the Kamikaze 1.1.0.